Encore This Is What You’re Really Hungry For x Kim Shapira

February 15, 2024
Hosted by Jodi Harrison Bauer

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In this episode of Fearless Authentic, I sit down with Kim Shapira, the mind behind The Kim Shapira Method (KSM). We delve into her book, 'This Is What You’re Really Hungry For,' and explore her proven method for cultivating a healthy relationship with food. Dietitian Kim Shapira has crafted six straightforward rules that possess the potential to revolutionize your connection with food. Within the pages of "This Is What You’re Really Hungry For," she demystifies the science to align your brain and body; discards transient fad diets in favor of a sustainable approach that encourages indulging in foods you love; and empowers you to become the authority in your own body. Kim’s invigorating approach aims to assist you in: 1-Losing weight or maintaining your current weight 2-Addressing blood pressure issues 3-Enhancing your energy levels 4-Transforming your beliefs about food and why you eat 5-Identifying foods that may not be beneficial for you 6-Managing your emotions in authentic, healthy ways Food should be a source of joy and nourishment, devoid of stress. "This Is What You’re Really Hungry For" promises to be the ultimate guide, liberating you from the perpetual dieting cycle. The Kim Shapira Method focuses on the fundamentals of nutrition, recognizing food as a means to fuel our bodies. Acknowledging the uniqueness of every body, learning to eat when hungry, and consuming foods that foster thriving can bring about transformative effects. Food isn't just entertainment or an adversary; it is fuel meant to be enjoyed without shame or regret. Striving for a body that makes you feel your best is your right, and good health should not be a source of worry. The KSM aims to reshape your values, freeing you from the burdens of health-related anxieties and providing a stress-free relationship with food. With her extensive background as a celebrity dietitian, nutritional therapist, and author, Kim brings a wealth of knowledge. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Tulane University and a Master’s degree in Human Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition from Boston University, she has dedicated over 25 years to helping individuals lose weight and sustain their achievements. This commitment extends across various settings, including her private practice in Los Angeles, hospitals, sports clinics, addiction centers, and universities.

Fearlessly Authentic

Thursday at 1 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

Welcome to Fearlessly Authentic, a weekly live radio show and podcast hosted by Jodi Harrison Bauer. Through powerful and honest conversations about their own journeys to live fearlessly and step into their truth and power and out of their comfort zones, Jodi and her guests aim to educate, empower, entertain and inspire those who may have forgotten who they were or lost a part of themselves along the way in life, health, love or business. Each week Jodi’s hope is to impact her listeners with the knowledge they need to embrace themselves for who they are and to not allow fear to stand in their way of living their most fearlessly authentic life ever!!

Jodi Harrison Bauer

Jodi Harrison Bauer is a two-time World Bikini Champion, founder and owner of JodiFit boutique fitness studio, host of Fearlessly Authentic podcast and the oldest woman to ever compete for the iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, making global headlines and the Top 60 finalists in 2019.

Growing up, Jodi was a people pleaser and scared of everything. She graduated with a BA from Simmons College in 1983. Jodi’s life changed forever when, at 42 years old, she built the courage to take control of her own happiness. Since then, Jodi has worked relentlessly to better herself, build her business, nurture her relationships and create the life she knew she always deserved, one with passion and purpose.

In doing so, she hasn’t followed the rules or fit in the box society wanted to put her in. She started competing in fitness shows when she was “too old,” opened a business at 50 and got re-married eight years later. She competed against women more than half her age for a spot in Sports Illustrated Swim to prove age and beauty are not directly correlated.

Today she defines herself as an ageless warrior and an advocate against ageism. In her studio, on her podcast and across her social channels, Jodi focuses on empowering women.

Jodi is the proud mother of two grown daughters and a rescue pup. Outside of JodiFit, you can find her on the beach or dancing like no one’s watching. She lives by the words “Never let fear stop you from being YOU."

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