When Being the Hero Becomes Harmful

January 10, 2019
Hosted by Sandra Reich, M.Ed.

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Superheroes, white knights, saviors. They are the stuff of the best storybooks, aren’t they?!? What could possibly be wrong with wanting to be a rescuer? Sadly, in personal relationships, the compulsion to rescue others or be the hero can be very damaging to both partners. The rescue itself can be from anything – unhappiness, financial chaos, substance abuse, depression, abuse, medical issues, or a wounded past. While it can be noble to help a friend or partner through such tragedies, becoming the hero can turn into a dark addiction for the rescuer. Do you feel compelled to rescue others? Or know someone in an unhealthy pattern of saving others? Listen in as Sandra and frequent guest, Georgia Dow, discuss the hidden dangers of feeling the need to rescue others and how to break free from this pattern.

Straight Talk with Sandra Reich

Straight Talk with Sandra Reich

Thursday at 3 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel

There are secrets to living your best life. We have control over our destinies if we are willing to accept responsibility and learn how to evolve to our highest levels. The sky is the limit if you can learn about your own traps, wounds and move beyond them. We don’t get a manual on parenting, romantic relationships, how to become successful or how to manage life.

Victimization, anxiety, depression, martyrdom and worse are the fall outs of not understanding your own role in your own life quality. Learn how you can really change your own life. Turn any darkness in your world into light. Become an expert at the dance of relationships. Reach for the stars and have the success in life and love that you always dreamt of.

Top Relationship, Parenting, Anxiety Expert and Best Selling Author Sandra Reich M.Ed. will give you the “straight talk” on strategies that will take your life from getting by, to living your dreams!

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Sandra Reich, M.Ed.

Sandra Reich, M.Ed.

Sandra Reich M.Ed. is the Clinical Director of The Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression, The Co-Director of Empowered Women Workshops, Co-Director of Anxiety Videos, Founder of Sandra Reich’s Couple Retreats and a Licensed Psychotherapist.

Sandra is also a best-selling author of a number one self-help book on relationships, (Once upon a Time- How Cinderella Grew Up and Became a Happy Empowered Woman), a TV and radio personality and a well-known expert on anxiety, family issues, relationships and more.

Sandra’s extraordinary ability in getting to the root of a problem and solving it efficiently has made her gift very sought out. She is known to be an expert in the field of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and “Life Strategy”.

Sandra has been fascinated with human nature since she was a small child. She developed an astonishing talent for understanding people and the dances that they play out in life and love. The combination of her own real life application and her scientific knowledge make her a unique leader in the field.

Through the years Sandra has applied her own strategies and changed her own life immensely. “My life is filled with a clear vision, joy, excitement, success and feeling great in my own skin.” Sandra turned her own lemons into lemonade and now that is what she teaches others to do.

“Straight Talk” allows Sandra to share the secrets that she knows to be true on living your best life and have the life of your dreams!

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