Are You Crazy Enough to Chase Your Dreams? 5 Keys To Make the

July 23, 2019
Hosted by Karin Weiri and Featured Guest Co-Hosts

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Damion Harris is the founder of which supports his mission to inspire, motivate, and train frustrated and unfilled corporate employees make the transition from corporate America to entrepreneurship. He believes that everyone is gifted in their own way, and possess knowledge, skills, and experiences that when accurately identified and packaged, can serve others and provide a life of joy, meaning, and purpose. The road to success was not easy. His first trip down the path of entrepreneurship ended a little more than 2 years after launching a toy retailing company that was unable to be sustained. Damion returned to the accounting profession, but continued to pursue his entrepreneur goals part time, often spending long hours after work. So, if at first you don’t succeed; assess, re-think, and get back in the saddle. It does take a little crazy to go out on your own. Are you crazy enough to chase your dreams?

Shift Happens!

Shift Happens!

Tuesday at 11 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel

Who craves to know more, do more, BE more? How can we plow through the perceived or real obstacles that hold us back from shining our true inner light? The world needs you and your unique gifts. As human beings we are influenced by every sight, sound, touch, smell, experience, and taste. Some influences are subtle and others are traumatic. How do they all affect us?

How does gut health affect our mental health? How do you survive and even thrive after divorce? How can you take on dating as a personal growth journey? How do we build healthier and more engaging intimate relationships? How can something that happened when we were 4 years old still affect us when we are 57 years old? How can we heal our bodies with the foods we eat or eliminate? How can we tap into spontaneous healing with the placebo effect? What effect does our financial health have on our mental and physical health. We will take a deep dive into these and many more questions. Are you ready?

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Karin Weiri and Featured Guest Co-Hosts

Karin Weiri and Featured Guest Co-Hosts

Karin Weiri is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Break Through Life Coach. Her passion is to relieve people of the trauma that hold people in negative behavior patterns so they can finally breathe, live, BE! When asked what she does for a living, she will often respond by saying, “I do magic!” with a wink, an all-knowing smile, and a sparkle in her eye. Because that is truly how it feels most days.

Before her glamorous private practice gig, she spent the first decade of her career in non-profit agencies in Volusia County, Florida. During those years she worked with domestic violence, mental health, substance abuse, child abuse, and did in home and in school counseling with children and their families. She continues to be on-call for on-site crisis services for Employee Assistant Programs providing first hand briefing when an incident has occurred that may negatively affect employees if left unnoticed.

Karin works in her private practice in Orange City, Florida. She has her Master’s Degree from Stetson University in Deland, Florida and went through Francine Shapiro’s Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing training. Since completing that training her practice and her life has undergone a complete transformation.

She eventually created the brand new Insights Dramatic Weight Loss Coaching Program that is designed to heal from the inside out, hence ending the never-ending yo-yo diet rollercoaster so many people struggle a lifetime with.

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