Say It Skillfully® - Tim Fitzpatrick, Learning Life in Athletics

January 18, 2022
Hosted by Molly Tschang

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Say It Skillfully® is a show that helps you to benefit from Molly Tschang’s expert guidance on the best possible ways to speak your mind at work in a positive and productive manner. In Episode 115, Molly is joined by Tim Fitzpatrick. With three decades in the world of collegiate athletics, Tim shares how sports changed his life and can be a game changer for young people in school and life. Tim and his sister grew up lower, middle-class, and while his parents weren’t college-educated, they knew school would be the difference for their children. He speaks poignantly of the sacrifices his parents made, enabling him to attend private Catholic schools that created a rock solid framework of values and discipline that has served him his entire life. He reminisces of playing catch in the yard every night with his dad, his journey to being a college athlete and the realization that his ability to play sports was not a right, but a privilege. His career includes the athletics programs at many top-tier and NCAA Division 1 schools, including U.S. Coast Guard Academy, West Point, Texas A&M, Indiana University, University of North Carolina-Charlotte and University of Pittsburgh—holding numerous roles including athletic director. Tim gives us an insider perspective on the ever-changing world of collegiate athletics, the NCCA and how student-athletes are impacted by certain rules. Having raised millions of dollars and navigated these intense environments, he also talks about his own career transition that enabled him to leave the “rat race” and succeed on his terms. Don’t miss Tim’s perspective on the issues that youth sports are faced with in today’s world and an important lesson passed down from his father on being grateful. Join Tim and Molly for a thought-provoking conversation in an area with the potential to transform how young people feel about themselves. Molly’s thought for the week: “Don’t permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure.” —Joe Madden, Manager of the Anaheim Angels Major League Baseball Team

Say It Skillfully®

Tuesday at 8 AM Pacific Time/11 AM Eastern Time on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

Molly Tschang's Say It Skillfully® is a show that helps you benefit from Molly's guidance on the best possible ways to speak your mind at work in a positive and productive manner. She helps everyone from CEOs to interns to recognize that we are all both part of the problem as well as the solution, and that the path to solving any problem is to say what needs to be said.

Molly is a rare breed: tough enough to advise CEOs and company boards, but empathetic enough to understand the human costs of not allowing talent to shine. She has helped dozens of management teams navigate the human after-effects of mergers and acquisitions, and her show brings her expert guidance to a wider audience.

Say It Skillfully® every Tuesday at 8 AM Pacific Time/11 AM Eastern Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

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Molly Tschang

Molly Tschang

Molly Tschang helps her clients' organizations gain the skills to Win As One, which most other companies never even try to do. She starts at the top, guiding management to commit to each other’s success and lead as one cohesive unit.

Molly is Founder and CEO of Abella Consulting, a New York-based leadership development and business advisory consultancy that helps senior leaders cultivate the collaborative capacity to elevate individual, team and organizational performance resulting in accelerated sustained, profitable growth. She created and hosts the “Say It Skillfully®” video series on LinkedIn, making it easier for all members of an organization to say what needs to be said in a constructive and productive manner.

Prior to launching Abella, Molly held executive leadership positions at Cisco Systems and U.S. Filter, where she led the integration of over 80 acquisitions. She holds a BS in chemical engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from UCLA. In 2017, Molly was selected from among 12,000 applicants to be a protégé of Marshall Goldsmith through his 100 Coaches initiative. In her downtime, she enjoys tennis, yoga and cooking with family and friends.

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